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Just wanted you to know how very much I and my son Larry enjoyed our trip on the Intrepid. The boat is really great, with so many amenities it is hard to list them all, the captain and the crew were outstanding, and of course the food prepared by Javier was simply gourmet! All in all it was a wonderful experience, and we do hope to be able to schedule a trip for next year. (left) …a photo of my very first wahoo – I have been on many long-range trips over the years, and never had the good fortune of being able to land one before –so this was a very special trip for me, for sure. All concerned can be very proud of the Intrepid and your whole operation. First class all the way!

- Van Bohrer

Just wanted to personally tell you I had a fantastic 8 day trip on the Seeker Charter-Bloodydecks. Glad that you were able to combine us to make the trip. It was a little different personalities on the bloodydecks side compared to the "well behaved" seeker group !!! just kidding ...The boat is very special to the San Diego Fishing fleet. No boat that nice and comfortable. I don't think I can fish on any other boat than the Intrepid. I'm spoiled !!! Captain Kevin said I can fish on his boat anytime, I guess I'm accepted into the men's club of fishing. I was a little overwhelmed with 21 guys, but by Wednesday, everyone was my fishin pal.

- Sandy

Wow!...what a trip! Fishing overall was good but the Intrepid operation is really something. Every boat in the fleet is going to be measured against the Intrepid. I noticed so many nice, subtle touches to the boat that I never knew I liked! The crew was superb! Kevin and Rick really set a total service tone to the crew and they carry it our brilliantly. We as a group had never been treated so well as we had by Kevin and the crew.

- Mike S.

I want to let you know that I am very impressed with the operation of the Intrepid Team... from the front office to the crew on deck, and all the way down to the stateroom. It was one of those rare situations where all my expectations were exceeded. The reservation was simple, painless. The boat was comfortable, nicely decorated, easy to get around, and there was not a burnt light bulb or a loose screw. The crew were helpful, yet not over bearing; having good professionalism and yet personable. The food, oh, the food, it was no 'boat food', it was fine dinning on the water. Last but not least, our skipper was a notch above the rest. He worked hard in putting us on fish. That, in itself might not stand out among the top skippers in the fleet. It was his ability in setting a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, underneath his seriousness that impressed me the most. Who wants to be all stressed out in a vacation?

- Ed the TunaWhacker

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